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A Day To Remember - The Downfall Of Us All Acoustic chords

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Downfall Of Us All - A Day To Remember
Capo 2nd Fret, all chords are relative to capo's position.

DISCLAIMER: This is my acoustic rendition of it, not all parts are exactly like 
the song, but if played and sung, it will make sense.

Intro : C-Am-F (Listen to the rhythm)

It's not easy making a name for yourself

             Am                     F                         C
Where do you draw the line? I never thought I'd be in this far

Let's have some fun and never change that for anyone

Try not to miss me when I'm gone

Am     G

I sold my soul to the open road

Am       F
         I live my life alone!


C        G              Am        F
You wont find me at the same spot believe me

        C          G       Am            F 
I could never stop,     my life's turned upside down

C       G            Am               F               C          G
Meet me out past the train tracks I'm leaving and not coming back

       Am        F     Em
You're right and I was wrong

                      F                 C
This town will be the downfall of us all

*Repeat Intro + Verse + Chorus*

(is best shown as tab)
Play 4 times

Then Chorus x 2, then Intro riff x 4
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