A Lot Like Birds - Hand Over Mouth Over And Over chords

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Hand Over Mouth, Over and Over
A Lot Like Birds

Note: I play these chords slightly different than you might. 
Upper overtone chords are and will continue to be the bomb. 
Also note that most of the E chords are played as indicated here,
and some (marked "E") are played normally.

    E|--0-|        E|-0-|         E|-0-|         E|-0-|
    B|--0-|        B|-0-|         B|-0-|         B|-0-|
E5: G|--9-|  C#m7: G|-6-|  Bsus4: G|-4-|  Asus2: G|-2-|
    D|--9-|        D|-6-|         D|-4-|         D|-2-|
    A|--7-|        A|-4-|         A|-2-|         A|-0-|
    E|-(0)|        E|-x-|         E|-x-|         E|-x-|

E - C#m - B - "E" - G#m - B
(background vocals come in, 0:30)
E - C#m - B - A - B - E

E                       C#m                    B                                   E
        I wish I could, but I can't rest as easy as you. I never really could anyway. 
            G#m         E
And thoughts of the future make me worry. 

E   C#m         B  A    B                   G#m
Hea - rt, settle down!   This isn't your last day. 
You'll wake up tomorrow. 

E - A - G#m - ("E")  -  F#m - "E" - B - (A)
Repeat through Cory's monologue. The chords in parentheses are played every other time,
or something like that. If you listen for them, you'll hear 'em.

This bedroom never gets to see the light of day. 
The shades are always drawn completely and it only ever seems to come alive at night. 
I took you here to take you from yourself once, and you smiled at me. 
You smiled shamelessly and often then. But it wasn't enough. 
I read your thoughts like sifting through your cabinets while you were out of the room. 
I stole every treasured thought that you had and left you gutted when I could find no more. 
You had poems written on the roof of your mouth. 
And I had scraped them out with the tip of my tongue and spat them onto the floor, 
where they dried up and blew away. 
And the butterflies in your stomach were all pinned to the skin on the inside. 
And if didn't love you then, I love you now.              B
But it's easy to love something when there's pain in its eyes.

E  A G#m                  F#m  "E"             B   C (or something, I can't tell)
Thi-s isn't your last day,    you'll wake up tomorrow. 
E  A G#m                  F#m  "E"             B
Thi-s isn't your last day,    you'll wake up tomorrow. 

Repeat the chords to the end

So I pull the shades back, let the light pour in through every crack 
I slammed into the window. Will the good parts stay in limbo? 
Why can I only remember when you said you'd love me better if I left? 
And not the way you said, a thousand times, that if I left you'd die?

End on E

This song is sick, and it sounds sick acoustic. 
Buy their stuff because A Lot Like Birds is the greatest band on the planet.
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