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A Perfect Circle - The Outsider tab

          The Outsider (Resident Renholder Remix)- By A Perfect Circle
                             Tabbed by Seismatters

This is that song from Resident Evil: Afterlife (y'know, the good one) that's
played at the end when Sienna Guillory and her army of generic, black-clad 
soldiers go to mess up Mila Jovovich's face or something (I dunno, 
I haven't seen the new one) and also in the fight with Wesker, 
which I will always maintain as the moment where the movies beat the games. 
This was a mother to try and tab and chord, 
but I tried my best and I reckon I got a good result so enjoy.

Here's a link to the YouTube video that I'll use for reference:

Tuned: Standard E

Intro: Okay this is difficult to explain, but the intro goes like so:

     First Part (0:05-0:28):
       Start with G#sus4, but don't play the bottom string. 
       Then you play the bottom string separately.
       Then you switch to G#sus4addA then C#m/G#.

If tabbed, it would look like this:


     Second Part (0:28-0:53):
       Simple. Just hammer a C#m barre chord.

     Third Part (0:53-1:28):
       The same as the first part, except with some minor changes.

       Start with G#sus4, but don't play the bottom string. 
       Then you play the bottom string separately.
       Then repeat the above step, except instead of G#sus4 play G#m11. 
       Then you switch to B9/G# then G#m11#5.

If tabbed, it would look like this:


      For that final part (1:26-1:28) that leads into the first verse, use the 
chords A5/E (It's like Em but down a string) and Asus4.

First Verse (1:28-2:07): 

This first half isn't actually chords. It's single notes on the A string. 
Above each part will be the fret number.

   Help me if you can
   It's just that this is 
           0       2
   Not the way I'm wired
   So could you please,

   Help me understand why
   You've given in to all these
            0       2 
   Reckless dark desires


This next part, however, is chords that cover three strings. Each string has
 to be picked in the correct order (Middle, Top, Bottom). 

   Lying to yourself again
   Suicidal imbecile
Ano5                    G#sus4
   You're pounding on a fault line
C#m/G#                       G#sus4
   What'll it take to get it through to you precious
Ano5                         G#sus 4
   Why would I, why would I, why would I

   wanna watch you?

If tabbed, it would look like this:

  C#m/G#  G#sus4  Ano5    G#sus4 

Chorus (2:07-2:24):

Once again, the first half is simply single notes from the A string.

  4               2 
   Disconnect and self destruct one 
  0          7 4
   Bullet at a time
                         2             0            7    
   What's your rush now, everyone will have his day to die

The second half of that (where it goes all instrumental) is just:
   G#sus4   F#sus4    A5/E    Bsus4  x2

Second Verse (2:58-3:40): 

   That weird riff at the start is:

e|-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-|            / = slide up

   The part with vocals is with the following chords (the weird spacing
between words is to try and show cues):

       Asus4 G#sus4  Asus4    G#sus4
   Medicat---ed,     dra---ma queen, 
   Asus4 G#sus4 Bsus4    Asus4    Csus4
   pic---ture   perfect, numb  belligerence,

         Asus4 G#sus4 Asus4 G#sus4        Asus4 G#sus4 Bsus4    Asus4
   Narcissis---tic,   dra---ma     queen, cra---ving   fame and all   it's 

   Lying through your teeth again
F#sus4                     A5/E    
   Suicidal imbecile, well think about it
   You're pounding on a fault line
   What'll it take to get it through to you precious
   Over this, why do you wanna 
   Throw it away like this
   Such a mess, well I don't wanna watch you

Second Chorus (3:41-3:57):

   Now there are chords.

G#sus4            F#sus4
   Disconnect and self destruct one 
   A5/E   F#sus4   Bsus4    G#sus4 F#sus4 G#sus4 
   Bullet at       a        time
   F#sus4 G#sus4      Bsus4 G#sus4      C#sus4      F#m      Am     G#sus4
   What's        your rush  now,   everyone    will have his day to die

Bridge (4:05-5:06):

   All it takes are these chords, even throughout the vocals.

   G#sus4 Asus4 G#sus4

   The little transition part between the instrumental and the vocals is:

   G#sus4 Bsus4 Asus4 Csus4 

   Then, once the vocals start (i.e. Lying to my face again...), go back to:

   G#sus4 Asus4 G#sus4

   At the part where he starts screaming, play instead:

   G#sus4 F#m G#m G#sus4

Final Chorus (5:07-5:19):

   This is the part where he only sings 'disconnect and self destruct'.

   Bsus4 F#m G#m 

   When he plays the scream, go back to:

   G#sus4 F#m G#m

Final Part (5:20-5:27):

   Hammer on F#m then slide to G#m
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