A Rocket To The Moon - Lost And Found chords

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Intro:  C, G,  C, G,

                C, G,  D, G
Verse 1:
C       G
Old man on his way back home
C                 G
Late from work today
C       G
Far out on a dirt road
     D                 Em
And couldn't find his way
      C           G
With tears in his eyes, he knew
          C          G
There was no one in sight
      C               G
And tried to tell himself
     D           G
That it'll be alright

  C              Em
Why's it always darkest
Right before the dawn
    C            D
If liars can be honest
Then right can be wrong
      C                Em
And when you find the doorway
        G     G/F C/E
Are you in or you out
     C            G
You have to stand up
   D             Em
Before you fall down
     C           G
You need to get lost
   D            G
Before you get found

Interlude (Intro)

Verse 2:
C           G
Young girl with a broken heart
 C             G
Walking home alone
C          G
Teardrops made of Maybelline 

D          Em
On a goodbye note
C                G
And looking down at the shadows on the ground
    C              G
She almost didn't see
    C            G
A blue-eyed man with a flower in his hand
         D                 G
Walkin right out of her dreams
And she said


We're never gonna know it all
Like houses, we will fall
And break in stormy weather
And be put back together better
We're never gonna know the way
Never know which words to say
     C        C/B   Am     C   D
And don't you worry it'll be okay

Chorus 2:
  C               Em
Why's it always stormin
Right before the calm
  C            Em
Why are we so lonely
Before it's said and done


Outro (Intro)
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