A Rose By Any Other Name - Roseleene chords

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                             Roseleene - A Rose, By Any Other Name
Tabbed by: Allen Bandow
E-mail: donahue@lavabit.com

Tuning: E Standard

Super easy song to play. Just hold the "G" chord shape the entire time and change 
you finger placement on the three low strings.

Capo 2: G-C-Em-F# is pretty much the whole song.

e|---3---| e|---3---| e|---3---| e|---3---|
B|---3---| B|---3---| B|---3---| B|---3---|
G|---0---| G|---0---| G|---0---| G|---2---|
D|---0---| D|---2---| D|---2---| D|---0---|
A|---2---| A|---3---| A|---2---| A|---0---|
E|---3---| E|---x---| E|---0---| E|---2---|

G    C
Come Roseleene
  Em         F# 
and gather together our hopes and our dreams.
 G        C
We both know we'll die,
but I'd rather die young,
    F#                  G      C Em F#
than to live an unproductive life, for a long time.
G    C
Come Roseleene
  Em       F#
and give me a way to explain everything
because guns and knives may be clear
but I want to sing a song that makes people want to hear.
I want to sing a song that makes kids fall in love,
I want to sing a song that is one thousand white doves,
I want to tell the world to close all their eyes,
I want to tell the world to remember a time,
I want to tell the world this is only the start,
I want a violin to go straight to your heart.
I am one. Just one guy, but I understand this moment 
and I understand the times.
So my words shall never be gray
and I will try to live my life exactly the same way.
So when I die and pass away,
                      F# (Hold the F# an extra measure)
I can leave this world with nothing left to say.
    G   C Em F#
Fall in love.
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