A Rotterdam November - Train Wreck chords

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Song: Train Wreck
Artist: A Rotterdam November
Album: A Rotterdam November (Début Album) 
Tuning: Standard
Key: (C Major)

This is a brilliant song written by a true poet, 
God truly blessed this band with a great talent for music.
You should be able to play along with the CD on this one, God Bless!

         C                             G
I could never promise I won't let you down.
Am               G                   C
I won't give my word, you won't get hurt.
                 G     Am                  F         C
But, look at the stars, they don't always shine so bright.
                  G    Am               F           C
They're above us now, they're above us night after night.
            G       Am              F              C
Look at my hands now. They look so empty without yours.
              G               Am            F   (Hold)                 
Emotions are footprints in the rain, but my heart pounds like a... 

     Train wreck, The subway's on fire.
     I'll do my best To save what I save.
     Smoke or ash, We're never looking back.
     As strong as I can, I'll stay on the track.

             (C, G, Am, F)

          C                             G
I don't always convey exactly the right words.
Am                      G                             C
Sometimes my tongue is sharp, And I yield it like a sword.
                    G    Am          F                   C
But do you see the waves? Crashing relentlessly on the shore
                   G   Am                     F           C
Carving stone and rock, Without retreat in a campaign of war.
            G       Am            F               C
Consider my eyes now, Bluer than this persistent army.
              G                Am            F
Emotions are footprints in the rain, But my heart pounds like a...


Am  (Hold)            Dm  (Hold)
I'm coming, for you, I swear that it is true, 
    Am                            Em
I'll let it stand like a monument, Think of me, When you see it, 
     Am                         Em                   Dm
This train will, Be on time. The engine is empty, But who needs coal.
Am                                   G
Trust me, I can't be everything, But I'll be here, pounding like a..

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