Aaron Gillespie - I Will Worship You chords

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I Will Worship You
Aaron Gillespie
Key: E

Intro: E, Amaj9(no 3rd), A5

Verse 1
            E  Amaj9(no 3rd)  A5
When Im losing,
when Im broken
When Iím sinking like a stone
and it feels like Iím alone
 I will worship You
            E  Amaj9(no 3rd)  A5
When Im so scared,
 life is unfair
When Im tired and lose my way,
 when Im feeling so ashamed
I will worship You

B5          C#5       A5
You are the anchor to my soul,
draw me to You and donít let go
 Only your love can make me whole
                   B5   A5    B5
Jesus, I worship You

Verse 2
             E  Amaj9(no 3rd)  A5
When Im dancing,
 when Im hopeful
When Im feeling mercyís hand
and Iím living life again
I will worship You
                  E  Amaj9(no 3rd)  A5
When chains are broken,
when healing is coming
When Your forgivness floods my heart,
this is my brand new start
I will worship You

     E  Amaj9(no 3rd)  A5
our God reigns

(This song is EXTREMELY easy to play and has a beautiful message, Praise God despite the 
trials or even the Joy, I need Jesus and so do you-we should be desperate for his Glory!)
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