Aaron Gillespie - Earnestly I Seek Thee chords

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Earnestly I Seek Thee- Aaron Gillespie 
Key: G# (Play in Key of G with capo on first fret)

Intro: G-D-Em-G-D-G

Verse 1
In lifes troubles
D            Em
sorrows and pain
G          D       G    
earnestly I seek Thee 
G                     D    Em
Fill my soul with peace again,
G           D      G 
earnestly I seek Thee

C                 D    Em
None but You and You alone 
C                     D    Em
Take my life make it your own  
G               D          Em 
In my offering build Your home
G            D    G
Earnestly I seek Thee

Break (only after first chorus) : G, D, Em, G, D, G

Verse 2

In life triumphs, 
and victories, 
earnestly I seek Thee 
In the shadow of the almighty, 
earnestly I seek Thee

I sing to You 
G/B           Em
because You are good 
          C       G/B      Em
and Your love is better than life
           C     G/B      Em
 I will Live to bring You praise
 I will bless You always

Verse 3

Who am I that You would care? 
Earnestly I seek Thee 
All my days, my nights You are there, 
earnestly I seek Thee
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