Aaron Gillespie - You Are Jesus chords

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Intro: Fm C#

Verse 1: 

G#                       D#
It doesn't matter who I was
It doesn't matter where I've been
Your grace is all I'm chasing
G#                       D#
It doesn't matter when I wake
It doesn't matter when I sleep
Your arms are open for me


G# D# Fm C# (listen to song for chord changes)

I am complete cause you say I could breathe
I am made clean and to you i will sing
You are Jesus, You are Jesus
You are everything I need
You are holy, I am dirty
In You I am made clean
You are Jesus

Verse 2:
(Chords same as verse 1)

You get my brain and it's moving backward
You hear my voice when I am screaming
You feel my pain so long ago
You paid it all just for me


G# D# Bb C#

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