Aaron Keyes - Dwell chords

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Artist: Aaron Keyes
Song: Dwell
Key: G

Intro: |Em///|C///|G///|Dsus///| (x2)

Verse 1:           Em                     C          
        Though a thousand may fall at my side,
                    G               Dsus
        Though the enemy war against me,
               Em                      C
        I will not fear the terror by night,
               G                       Dsus
        I will hide in the shadow of your wings.

(band out for chorus)
Chorus: C                                          G 
        I will dwell in the shelter of the most high God
        I will rest in the beauty of Your presence.
              C                                     G
        Your faithfulness is a shield and my great reward.
        I will not be afraid, I will trust in the Lord.  

(band back in for intro)
1/2 Intro

Verse 2:         Em                 C
        You have set me securely on high,
              G                  Dsus
        You deliver me out of darkness.
                 Em                 C
        And when evil surrounds my life,
                 G                       Dsus
        You've commanded Your angels to guard me.


Interlude: |C///|D///|Em///|////| (x2) (break down 2nd x)

Bridge:    C                              D
       No weapon formed against me will prosper.
           Em                            G
       No weapon formed against me will prosper.
           C                              D                Em
       No weapon formed against me will prosper, says the Lord.

Repeat Bridge (band back in full)

Chorus (band out for first 2 bars, in on G @ 3rd bar)


Outro: |Em///|C///|G///|Dsus///|
       |Em///|C///| End on G 
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