Aaron Shust - Rest In The Arms chords

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Rest In the Arms
Aaron Shust 2009(c)

D Asus A Asus A 
Bm7 Em7 Em6

D                                     Asus
A                       Bm7
When you turn the other cheek.   When you cannot speak,
     Em                  Em6
Of the bitter sweet, The bitter sweetness.

D                                   Asus
    When the floor gives out beneath,
A                         Bm7
And everything that you believe,  Cannot bring you peace.
Em7                   Em6
You're broken inside, Broken in pieces.

Chorus: (2x)
You can
Rest in the arms of the one who holds you
Rest in the arms of the one who knows you
Bm7                                        G
Rest in the arms of the one who won’t let go

Verse 3
D                                Asus
   When the water starts the rise
A                           Bm7                      
And you've lost the will to fight When you're losing light,
Em7                   Em6
Just close your eyes, Close your eyes now


Em       Bm7   A
Have     no    fear
Em       Bm7   A
I'll     be    here

it's my first post
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