Abandon - Hero chords

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Verse 1
C                            Am                  C
He walked the dirty streets, famous for nothing, He said come follow me and
Am        C                         Am                           C
they came. A face like all the rest, But something was different,the Son of God
Will lead the way.
Dm                       G
And soon they all would say.
F             G    Am     C               F            G           Am
There he goes, a hero, a savior to the world, Here He stands with scars on his
       G F          G       Dm           C              F          G
hands.     With love He gave His life so we can be free the savior of the
Verse 2
(same as verse 1)
He spoke with clarity, walked across the sea a single word would calm the storm
His touch could heal the sick, but he was called a hypocrite. Laid behind the stone. His
death was shortly mourned.
He left the curtain torn

Dm                      Am                        C
He chose to take the cross  shed tears for the lost the broken and the needy
Forgiving those who were and will be
Dm                   Am                          C                    G
The angel made it clear   He told them have no fear Hes not here Hes not here

For repeating use the chords F G Am and just keep on repeating
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