Abba - Slipping Through My Fingers chords

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Capo 5th fret.

[C]Schoolbag in [Cm]hand, [G]she leaves home in the [Bm]early morning
[C]Waving [Cm]goodbye with [G]an absent-minded [Bm]smile
[C]I watch her [Cm]go with a [G] surge of that [Bm]well-known sadness
[C]And I have to [D]sit down for a [G]while
[C]The feeling that Im [D]losing her [G]forever
[C]And without really [D]entering her [G]world
[C]Im glad whenever [D]I can share her [G]laughter
That [D]funny little [G]girl

[G]Slipping through my [C]fingers [D]all the [G]time
I try to [Bm]capture every [Am]minute
The feeling [G]in it
[C]Slipping through my [D]fingers all the [G]time
Do I really [D]see whats in her [G]mind
[G]Each time I think [Bm]Im close to [Am]knowing
She keeps on [G]growing
[G]Slipping through my [C]fingers all [D]the [G]time
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