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Aberfeldy - Heliopolis By Night chords

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Simple, lovely, silly, fun. That's how I'd describe this song.
Hit a Bm7 instead of Bm sometimes, in fact I do it most of the time.
Standard tuning.

Chords: A: x02220; Bm: x24432; G: 320003; D: xx0343;; Dsus2: xx0340

A - Bm - G - D (Dsus2)

A               Bm    
One thing I was sleeping,
     G                D (Dsus2) D
Then I was taken high,
A                      Bm
Through the veil of darkness
         G                        D (Dsus2) D
That had stretched across the sky.
A                  Bm
Though I could see nothing,
  G                     D (Dsus2) D
I heard a voice say this.....

[get a helper to hold your nose for this bit, or just keep the beat and do it yourself]

    Inter-flight co-ordinates for   Heeeee - liopolis              

A           Bm
Beautiful unusual sight
G          D (Dsus2) D         
Heliopolis by night.
A                     Bm     
Bathed in gold and shimmering light,
G            D(Dsus2)D
Heliopolis ... by night.

--> Straight into VERSE 2, same chords as verse 1:

They sent me for the first time 
To the place they call their home.
Words could not describe to you
The things that i was shown.
And though i was so far away,
Not one thing did i miss,
Safe among my friends in golden


And the reason why they took me is
Something i never learned.
My body lay there sleeping when I 
Finally returned.
And the lover who I left behind 
Awoke me with a kiss,
And asked where i had been I answered 

End on G, but only the lower notes.
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