Above And Beyond - Sun And Moon chords

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Accoustic guitar hords for Above and Beyond's Sun and Moon

Capo 5th (or 3rd; depending on the tone)

Chords are as follows:
Cadd9 G Em D

It's raining, it's pouring
A black sky is falling
Em               D
It's cold tonight

Cadd9                   G
You gave me your answer Goodbye
Em                          D
Now I'm all on my own tonight

And when the big wheel starts to spin
You can never know the odds
Em                                D
If you don't play you'll never win

We were in heaven you and I
When I lay with you and close my eyes
Em                       D
Our fingers touch the sky

I'm sorry baby
G                           D
You were the sun and moon to me
              Em                                D
I'll never get over you, you'll never get over me

(And so on..)
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