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Absent Elk - Sun Water chords

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tab by me,

This is a tab for absent elks new single which is AMAZING!!!!
i hope its ok, seems kinda accurate. enjoy

CAPO 1, standard tuning

Em     022000
Bm     244322
Am     002210
G      320003
Eb     X21202
Dm     000212
Cadd9  023000
E      022100

Em, Bm, Am, G, Eb x1

Em                                        Bm
Of course i'll wait, course i'll wait for you love,
                Am                  G
there's nothing else to do, than to wait
here with you.

Em                                         Bm
Of course i'll take, course i'll take good care of,
           Am                      G
everything yours and mine, i'll be fine,
we'll be fine.

    Dm         Eb            Em
and she's like troubled water,
                     Am         G             Eb
she drowns me when I speak, and burns me in my sleep


Em                                               Bm
Its just time and space and rythm and pace which defines me,
           Am                          G
Whats underneath it all, is what we'll keep on
lookin' for

Em                                      Bm
Just turn the page, read the phrase out loud now,
                     Am               G
it might be what you wanna hear, when old dust
has cleared,


    G                Bm         Am
But hey where did my worries go, come on now,
Dm          G
come on now,
            Bm             Am           
forget it i dont wanna know, come on now,
Dm          G
come on now,
              Bm             Am
i see is your face and thats all, come on now,
Dm          G
come on now,
             Bm              Am    Eb
theres not a care in the world, my world


   Cadd9             Eb 
so fall with me, and grow from where we both

Thanks for reading, please rate it and email me if theres any questions.

visit their website too, theyre awesome!
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