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Ac Newman - The Cloud Prayer tab

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Verse:(just piano)
E                    F#m
You don't think that I tried for you?
Bm     G       D         A
I went into disguise for you.
G                     D      A 
So, of course, almost no one knew. 

Verse:(with guitar)
You don't think there was payment due?
I blew up in the sky for you. 
Anyone who saw it knew. 
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    D                        G
But did you, didn't you ever wonder,
                  F#m            B 
Maybe if you were under your own spell? 
                        G                              A
Thinking it was all she wrote, thinking it was all she wrote, 
                        F#m            B
Thinking it was all the words ever written. 

Instrumental:(same chords as verse x2)

G                     D            A
So, of course, almost no one knew x 3

G       D   A   D

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