Act - Teds Ballad chords

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A.c.t - Ted's Ballad

This chords are in original key. I play this song with a Capo on 4th fret, so 
C#m9, is taken as a Am9 with capo on 4th fret.

              C#m9                        F#m9
Watching Your Walls, Your Cracks And Your Flaws
A            B                   Esus2
They Are All Beauty Marks As Far As I See

One Drainpipe Is Loose, Like A Tile On Your Roof
But Your Heart Is As Great As Camelot's

(3rd note from oric note, M for major step, m for minor step)
M    m    m
E3   F#3  G#3  A        B       
Standing Here Tall, In All Your Grace
    B/D#    E       A    F#m
You Emanate Hope To Me

B           E       A      F#m
You Make Me Want To Live
B           B/D#        E       A     F#m
You Give Me Strength To Want To Give
B          E       A
I Know You Feel My Love
B/D#  E      E/G#    A       C   Esus4
I Can See It In Your Aisles

Your Bricks Shining Red - Can You All See The Irony?
On Your Fine Flowerbed - They Are Laughing Behind His Back
A              B                E
I Mend It With Deep Respect And Loving Care

Your Windows Are Clean - All The Need Is A Friend Who Cares
By The Man No One Have Seen - He's The Man No One Sees A Friend
He Too Can See Through Your Thick Concrete Walls

Standing Here Tall, In All Your Grace
You Emanate Hope To Me



Am, C, Am, C, G#m7, C#m, B7/D#, Esus4, E

[Chorus instrumental]



Am, E
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