Active Member - Himonas Winter tab

Here is a very beauftiful song by the greek low bap band Active Member.
The title Himonas  means winter.
The only reasons why i upload this is due the great melody it has and the 
simplicity of its two riffs.
Please dedicate some time to hear it its worth the 3 minutes and 45 seconds the song lasts.
You can hear it here :

E ---------------------------|
B ---0-0-0------1-0----------|
G ----0-0-0-4/5---0----------|      X2
D ---------------------------|
A ------------0--------------|
E 0--------------------------|

E ----------------------|
B ---5-5-5-5/7--5--5/8--|
G ----5-5-5--------5----|
D ----------------------|
A 0---------------------|
E ----------------------|
and you repeat these 2 riffs again.

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