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Adam Again - Every Mothers Way tab

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Subject: a/adam_again/every_mothers_way.crd
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 18:34:09 EDT
From: "Mr. Coin Operated" 
Subject: TAB:'every mother's way' by 'Adam Again'

every mother's way by Adam Again
from their "Perfecta" release.

transcribed by Kent Randell

Verse riff: (for all the a-minor and C-major Chords.)

 Am                         C

Am                        C
      He lied to everyone.  What's easier then sleep.  What's harder
than a song?                   And at the

F                                 Am
Start she stole him from the water, it's every mother's way

G riff

Verse 2 (more Am and C riff)

A lie is ever near, it digs into the sand, it's fingers ever clear.
And in the

F                      Am
end, she only tried to hold him.  It's every mother's way

G riff.

C                Am   G         Am      D
And now it's nothin'. she lives alone    And now every fallen

F                  Am                      G riff
Robin, has found a home, I have a home.

Verse 3 (more Am and C riff)

It went up into the air and bent around the sun. what falls upon the
earth is lost to everyone.  He was a

F                              Am
Flower, his ringing ears could teach him,

                      G riff
of every mother's way

C             Am
And now it's nothin'

G            Am
she lives alone again

D                          F
And like another fallen robin,

I'll struggle to survive

              G riff
But I'm Alive

I Am alive

Thank you and Goodnight.

 Kent Randell
 aka - Kent, the DJ that Cares
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