Adam And The Ants - Antmusic chords

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Adam And The Ants  "Antmusic"

Intro: D

D                            E                    A          D
Well I am standing here looking at you    What do I see?     I am looking straight through
D                            E                     A                     D
It is so sad when you're young              To be told     you're having fun

     D              Bb                  G           C
So unplug the jukebox And do us all a favour
That musics lost its taste So try another flavour
Antmusic Antmusic Antmusic Antmusic

I am standing here what do I see A big nothing threatening me
Its so sad when you're young To be told    you are having fun


SOLO over verse chords


SPOKEN BIT: just drums

Dont tread on an ant its done nothing to you
There may may come a day when its treading on you
Dont tread on an ant youll end up black and blue
Cut off his head his legs will come looking for you


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