Adam Green - No Legs chords

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                             Adam Green - No Legs
Album : Friends of mine
Tempo : 95
Tabbed by: newg

Capo 3 

Chords : G* : xx543x     Em/G : xx545x 

     G*      Em/G        G            D               G*       Em/G
e |--------------------|--------3---|---------2----|--------------------|
B |-----3-----5--------|---3--------|---3--------3-|-----3-----5--------|
G |--------4------4----|-----0------|-2---2-------2|--------4------4----|
D |--5---------------5-|------------|--------------|--5---------------5-|
A |--------------------|------------|--------------|--------------------|
E |--------------------|-3----------|--------------|--------------------|
        G*                     G
There's no wrong way to fuck a girl with no legs
D                                   G*                   
Just tell her you love her as she's crawling away
        G*                     G                         
There's no wrong way to fuck a bitch with no faith
    D                     G*
Now you'll never be sad again

Chorus :
Loving you are the two best things
in a world that's skipping town
Reaching blind into the deepest mouth
in the brownest place around

There's something amiss in her cum-stained lips
So I get the first kiss before she takes the last bite
Genital outlaws in a positive way
And an everything bagel too

Chorus :
Getting strangled by the junkie priest
as the boys get stoned in school
there's a knock at your door and your parents come in
they thought you were a different girl

So if you're alone when your parents aren't home
And no one can see your incestous tree
No need to contain what the sparrows can say
Now you'll never be sad again
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