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Adam Green - Hard To Be A Girl tab

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                  Tabbed by Yetishambles 

Adam Green - Hard to be a Girl


Adam plyas it with a capo on the second fret. The chords are relative to the capo.
Am:x02210  C:x32010   G:32000(3)  F:133211

Am   C   G   F

Am      C
hard to be a girl
   G            F
so nice to be a boy
Am            C
in my room at night
G            F
not a pretty sight
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Am          F
here's an empty kiss
G                             C    Am/B
marching to the rhythm of the payroll
Am              F
i can be a good boy too
G                      C     Am/B
just let me out of the stable

Am            C
sausages and eggs
G                F
and hot and sour soup
Am                C
thank me for your time
G                        F
cause i can be as bad as you

Am           F
hard to be a girl
G                       C    Am/B
that's what the oracle told me
Am                    F
i don't care what she says
G                        C   Am/B     Am
i assume it's best to be lonely

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