Adam Green - Apples Im Home tab

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TABBED BY:  Chris Schmoutz

Artist: Adam Green
Album: Garfield
Song: Apples, I'm Home

tune guitar down about 1/4 step

G:  320033
A7: x02020
D:  xx0232

Apples, I'm home   (melody line B:-1-1-4-7)-|
)Gonna grab a f*ck (B:-1-1-4-4-7)-----------|
(Maybe play some hockey)
   G          A7
My mouth is a liar (beware)
   G           A7
My feet are on fire (who cares)
     G          A7
I've never been shy-er (i'm not scared)
   D                  G
If everyone's bumping around
G                     A7
Knowers know to know and
G              A7
Goers go to go and
G                     A7
Show-ers show to show and
No one's gonna ask your name
         G          A7
When you fade into forever
 G                     A7
(i can't figure out the lyrics to this line. can anyone help?)
G                        A7
How can anyone say right or wrong (i love you)
D                        G
And then tell you you're ok

Oh I loved the ground once
And i kept my fingers warm
Everything was true
Everything was true

When your
G                A7
Penis fell apart and
G                  A7
No one had a heart and
G                  A7
No one had a chart to
D                  G
Show you the right way
G                 A7
Had to be a creature
G                     A7
Without specific features
G                 A7
There were no teachers
D                    G
To tell you what to say (rip out your guts)

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