Adam Hood - Coffee Song tab

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Adam Hood 
Coffee Song

Capo 1st

  Am7/G   Bm7* 

Capo 1

Intro: G Am7 C

G         Am7                 C
She came from the middle of nowhere
G        Am7               C
A sleepy Pennsylvania town
G               Am7               C
Her mother held her guilty for so long
G               Am7                C
Til she finally put those burdens down
G              Am7          C
He spent his whole life on city fair
G              Am7               C
His window played the evening sun
G              Am7                  C
And its hard to believe for such a strong man
G           Am7         C
Surely was a lonely one
C                          Em7
She took the morning shift down town
       Am7  slide to               Bm7*        Am7
It was strange to be his favorite place
C                                         Em7
And after every single customer was cruel enough
       D         Am7              D                 
He was the only one to smile and say

C                 G          Am7        C  
Thank you for the coffee.... a simple conversation
                  G          Am7        C
Thank you for the light shining in your eyes
And its taken such a long time
    Am7             C
To find someone to talk to
I know it ain't much
          C            G     Am7/G   G  Am7/G
But thank you for your time

Am7        C          G Am7/G G Am7/G
And it hard to find a kindred soul 
Am7        C          G Am7/G G Am7/G
And people are so unkind
Am7        C          G Am7/G G Am7/G
The little things that drive you crazy
     D          Am7             D
Stay locked away in your mind
C           G         Am7             C
So they say Frank and Johnny were lovers
          G         Am7     C
Just Like Romeo and Juliet 
    G            Am7          C   
But time pays no attention to fairy tales
G          Am7            C
So love it met the bitter end

C                          Em7
He went back to his city life
Am7                             Bm7*  Am7
And Pennsylvania called her name
C                                Em7
You keep on living and trying to find
D                Am7         D
Someone with the time to say


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