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Adam Lambert - More Than chords

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Hey ... okay, I did this tab, but it occurs to me that I have a little prob ;-). 
If you look at the intro you can see two C-chords. The first is the "normal" one 
and the other one is like B on the 3rd fret. On my guitar the both chords sound 
different and that's the reason why I'm using them. If you can't hear a difference 
on your guitar then use Am instead of C(III). And I'm not sure about the chorus-
chords, so if you know them better please correct me ...



Verse 1
So they paved the world to providence
And lined up the memories
   C(III)                        D
In reference to what is dead and gone
Then the band and the symphony
In sweet sounding harmony
C(III)                 D
Lay down their guns in disgust
    C               C(III)     D
For they knew their armies had lost

   C          F
So haven't we seen enough
On the cover of
C          F
Haven't we had our fun
                D  C(III)
Watching on the TV screens
Oh yeah

Verse 2
So we harbour our hopes and fears
In houses and evergreens
C(III)              D
Cast adrift what we don't need
Then the rhythm of tambourine
And drama of marching scene
C(III)                     D
Lay down their violence in trust
    C         C(III)      D
For they knew how much to cost


For when all is said and done
And our aims run
C(III)     D
Then we'll come
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