Adam Snyder - Two Moons chords

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Artist: Adam Snyder
Song: Two moons
Tabbed by: DJ
23rd May 2013

From the album 'Across the pond'

Tuning: Standard


     G             Am              C              G
||:  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  :||(Twice)

            G                         Am          C                     G
It was the moon that brought us to - gether, we crept away under it's light,
      G                             Am                   C                 G
We danced by it's shimmering re - flection, beside the river on an autumn night,
     G                        Am           C                      G
One moon floating up in the heavens, two people gazing up at its face,
     G                        Am              C                       G
One moon meant to last for - ever, and to - gether we'd live out our days!

(G/A) Bm                   Cmaj7              Am               (A4)    (Am)   G
          One moon for two people, we got to share the shining jewel of the night,
G4  G            A7                 C                     G
       One moon,    one moon, two people dancing in its light!

G                         Am               C                        G
   Time rolls on, as it always does, the phases of the moon would change,
      G                          Am              C                         G
The phases in the lives of two people... would make us have to rearrange,
           G                 Am            C                    G
One heads east, one heads westward, and standing outside on a winters' night,
           G                Am            C                        G
We're now... two different people, under two different shafts of moonlight!

(G/A) Bm                Cmaj7                    Am      (A4) (Am)   G
          One moon over your town, (Her town!)       one moon over mine,
G4  G              A7             C                      G
        Two moons,    two moons,     too many solitary nights!

F                      C                    G                D     D4  D
   If the stars could come together, and twinkle all in one line,
Dsus2        F                             C
Could they blaze a shining trail right through the heavens,
     D                            D4 D Dsus2
And lead your moon back to mine,
     D7                     D   D/C  D/B
And lead you moon back to mine?

D/A       G                         Am                C                       G   (G6)
Now it's been so long I can't re - member...the last time I looked up in the sky,
       G                          Am            C                   G
Just concentrating on what's in front of me, looking from side to side,
               G                          Am
But there's something tonight... that's calling,
      C                     G
I go out to see what I can see,
          G                   Am        C                   G
The full moon... maybe it's smiling, shining there just for me!

(G/A) Bm                  Cmaj7                Am          (A4) (Am)  G
          One moon hanging high above me, one moon casting down his light,
G4  G              A7             C                            G
        One moon,     one moon,      one moon up there in the sky,
G              A7                 C         (Cmaj7)          G
    One moon,     one moon,  one moon, and I guess it's all mine!


G    =  320033     Bm    =  x24432    D4    =  xx0233    D   = xx0232
Am   =  x02210     Cmaj7 =  x32000    Dsus2 =  xx0230    D/C = x30232
C    =  x32010     A4    =  x02230    D7    =  xx0212    D/B = x20232
(G/A)=  x0xxxx     G4    =  320013    G6    =  320030    D/A = x00232
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