Addison Road - What Do I Know Of Holy tab

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what do i know of holy?
Addison Road
Addison Road
tabbed by: thread her

tuning: standard

intro: Am, Em, Am, Em

Am 	  	        Em
  i made you promises a thousand times
  i tried to hear from heaven
  but i talked the whole time
Am 	  	  	  C
  i think i made you too small
Am 	  	  	   C     G
  i never feared you at all, no

 	  Am 	  	  	   G
  if you touched my face, would i know you?
 	    Am 	  	  	  G
  looked into my eyes, could i behold you?

  what do i know of you
      C 	  	     G
  who spoke me into motion?
  where have i even stood
 	   C 	  	    G
  but the shore along your ocean?
 	   Am 	   	 F
  are you fire? are you fury?
 	   Am   	  	   F  	 G
  are you sacred? are you beautiful?
     Am 	  	      F
  so what do i know?
 	  	     Am 	  	 F, C, G
  what do i know of holy?

Am 	  	  	        Em
  i guess i thought that i had figured you out
Am 	  	         Em
  i knew all the stories and i learned to talk about
Am 	  	  	  C
  how you were mighty to save
Am 	  	  	    C       G
  those were only empty words on a page

 	  Am 	  	  	      G
  then i caught a glimpse of who you might be
 	  	 Am 	  	        G
  the slightest hint of you brought me down to my knees


Am, Em, F, G,
  what do i know of holy?
 	  	     Em 	  	  	      F
  what do i know of wounds that will heal my shame
 	 F 	      G 	       F
  and a GOD who gave life its name?
  what do i know of holy?
 	  Em 	  	     F
  of the one who the angels praise?
      F        G 	   F
  all creation knows your name
 	        Am        G
  on earth and heaven above
 	     Am 	  	   F
  what do i know of this love?

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