Adelitas Way - Somebody Wishes They Were You chords

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Intro: C#m, E, B, A

Verse 1:
C#m               E
Paralyzed and you don't know why
B                       A      A/G#
Feeling like somebody's fool
C#m              E
Try to find some peace of mind
B                       A      B
Maybe you're hiding the truth
A            B              E   C#m
Thought it'd be better in a world so cold
A             B
But I want to tell you
What I've been told

Chorus 1:
E               B
Life ain't that bad
Look what you have
E     B
Yeah, Yeah
A                         B
When the high's aren't so high
Just do what you can
E     B
Yeah, Yeah
A               B
A world you can change and
  C#m  B   A
A life you choose
    F# (It sounds like a 7, but musically it should be minor..)
Cuz somewhere out there,
Somebody wishes they were you

Turn Around(Same As Intro)
Verse 2 (Same as Verse 1)
Ending (Its a C# Minor)

I just realized I didnt do the bridge, so i'll upload this and go back and finish it. 
But its just A, B, C#m i think. It has an F# building into the final chorus. Ill go finish it.

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