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Afrojack - The Spark chords

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Tabbed by pingufat. Let me know if you have any suggestions through the comments section.
Key: B

C#m        B


C#m               B
A little bit of misfit dancing
C#m               B
A little bit of jojo dancing
C#m               B                          C#m                B
A little bit of thoughts of mine coming out the mind of this midnight rambler

C#m               B
I canít wait til these tunes of mine get me out of this local jam
C#m               B
Letís get up up on that big stage now
C#m               B
Show the world just who the heck I am

C#m                       B
Ever thank you if it all goes right
E                                                                F#
You got something that could change your life
C#m                                                 B
Use that moment just to show your life
E                                      B                   
Everything is gonna be alrightÖ.

                                  G#m                 E    
Clashing through the stars, alright
                                   B                      F#
Iím screaming til the stars collide
                    G#m                 E    
Iím tellin everybody, thatís right
                         B                               F#
We all got the spark, we all got the spark tonight

G#m                             E    
Takin back the way we are
B                                             F#
ĎCause thatís just the way we are
G#m                                                     E    
Iím crashing through the dark, weíre alright
B                                                                 F#
We all got the spark, we all got the spark tonight

G#m    E    B    F#    x2


x2 But end with B | -12--12--12--| Instead of e | -11--9--|

C#m    D#m    E
Iímma feel this forever
C#m    D#m    E
Or ever if itís just tonight
C#m    D#m    E
And we could see the world is great
C#m    D#m    E
Even when I close my eyes
C#m    D#m    E
Tell me keep myself from falling
Tryna get this the life
C#m    D#m    E
I gotta do this more often
C#m         D#m       E
Well, well maybe tonight

C#m                 B
We all got the spark, yeah

Repeat as needed, done!
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