Against Me - Tsr tab

I'm pretty positive that the intro goes like this... and I don't know the
exact names of the chords (E5 A5) whatever bull shit, just bare with me plz
i looked at other tabs and didn't really like the sound of them so I sat up
till midnight replaying the hell outta this and listening carefully and i
think this is it!

  The party's over...  a CD skipping...     It's the same hook repeating...

B--3--3--3--3--2-| and rings out...
G--2--2--2--2--2-| and rings out...
 Grows more grating with each passing second(last chords rings out)

then the chords are:
D: 2 B(Bm?): 7  G: 7  A#: 3  A: 2   Bar Chord G is: 3  Bar Chord A: 5
   3         7     8      2     2                   3               5
   2         7     9            2                   4               6
                   9                                5               7
                                                    5               7
                                                    3               5
The chords above ^^ are also written like e, B, G, D and so forth down
like the tab parts up top... got a tad lazy... :D

        D                              B(Bm?)
And the walls contain a resonation, laughter, and conversation.

        G                                A#       A
It was fun while it lasted, but now we should be going...

        D                                               B(Bm?)
And i hope everybody had a real, real good time. The hospitality's partaken

        G              A#                    A
My head is flying, my heart's racing to keep up...

      Bar G  Bar A        D
And I hope I haven't overdone it, no... (lethal pick slide down strings!)

           D                    B(Bm?)(see bottom for little solo thingy)
I hope my body can take it, i hope i make the occasion.

       G                               A#             A
It's only this fucked up I start realizing all this living is just dying.

And if these are my friends, if this is my home...

if this is how i spend my nights, how I,

   G                            A#      A
communicate, and demonstrate a love of life.

              D        A          Em
My eyes roll into the back of my head,

                  D          A         Em
if these are the last words that I've ever said

    Bar F#        Bar G        D(as "yet" rings out)
No I'm not ready to die just yet.

The little solo thingy that is played during "i hope i make the occasion"


so yeah, pretty short song but tons of energy. Like i said, its at least 98
percent accurate in my opinion but please feel free to comment if you think
something is different or you think i suck at making tabs. If so, let me
know what parts so i can get better. Thanks!
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