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Against Me - Unsubstantiated Rumors Are Good Enough For Me tab

Two Guitars are used, but I'll just stick the main jist of the song:

Intro has a little slide thing that goes:

A|-1/4--|  Repeat as needed.

Bbm/Bm - Bbm/Bm - Bbm/Bm, etc.,

When you begin the vocals, just Bm is sufficient

Well do you want to talk about it - Do you think you'd understand
How things can get so fucked up - With such good, such good intentions

       A  G
And If,   If roofs in the sky 
            Bm    A    G
Held by the gravity of nothing
Bm        A       G     Bm            D
An ironic and literal - making of a bed
          G                        A
you know,    You can walk awaaaay
But there is a reason to staaay,  Bm - Bm - Bm - Bm

They make bad bad jokes, it's okay not to laugh

An For every push fowArd, you get the same fucking push back
         A            G                   Bm     A     G
You have,    you have nowhere to go, so you, so you found someplace 
        Bm         A           G               Bm      
you have,  you have nothing to say - you start lying  - REST for 8 seconds
G (                          A
What the fuck were you thinking
I'm not sorry 
I'd do it aaaaaall again
all the lines between hate, love, aaaaand revenge
          D                                              G (ring)       
it's just dead, it's dead,  it's dead, they're just dead feelings

I think 98 % right. Listen to the song. Maybe all the against me songs are in these
chords. For example, "You look like I need to drink" and others. But still. It sounds
wonderfull. For me. 

 x Originaly tabbed by Narcizas Aguona (AguonA on SLSK)

 x Tweaked by

CHORDS (alternate between open and bar as you think best):

[Bbm]	x13321
[Bm]	x24432
[G]	355433
[G]	320033
[A]     577655
[A]	x02220
[D]     xxx323
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