Against The Current - Guessing chords

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I am unsure of what key this is in, but I play it in the key of E. This is quite a 
bit lower than how Chrissy sings it, but it fits my voice. You can capo it to fit 
your style/range.

Standard Tuning
Em7 [022033]
Gmaj9 [200233]
G [320033]
Cadd9 [x32033]


Em7, Gmaj9, G, Cadd9

The rhythm is DUD D. In between the pauses, switch chords. Listen to the original 
song to get the rhythm right.

Played exactly like the intro.

Same chords, just play them with no pauses.


G, Gmaj9, Em7, Cadd9


Play like the prechorus

Then loop back to the first line of the first verse, and then back to the chorus! 
The chorus goes once almost through until "i could let you go" and then loops back 
to the beginning again. 
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