Agnes Carlsson - Right Here Right Now chords

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Intro: G, D/F#, C (2x)

G         D/F#               C
   Take my hand and walk with me
G        D/F#                C
   Let me show you what I'm feeling
G             D/F#         C
   What's going on inside of me
Don't you know you have changed me?
F                                 Am
Don't you know my wishes all came true?
                       F           Dsus4       D
You're my angel, now I wanna do it all for you

      G           D/F#            C       
Right here, right now, nothing is impossible
      G           D/F#       C      
Right here, right now, I'm riding on a miracle
  G                D/F#
I see your face, I feel your love
             D     C
And there's nothing I can do
      C/Am        G/B     C
Right here, right now, my heart
   Dsus4   D        C
My heart belongs to you

Feels like yesterday to me (yeah)
when you passed outside my window
And your vision caught my eyes
Like you've known me forever
Something made you turn and look at me
In that heartbeat, I knew my destiny

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