Aiden - Let The Right One In Acoustic chords

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Note: I came up with this acoustic version.
If you have any questions about it feel free to contact me. I will demonstrate how it is played.
Just find me on Skype: julianlluviagutierrez

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Intro (These are the chords. You can strum along the song's general
beat and be alright. The changes will be pretty obvious.)

Verse 1
It`s not the knife you bleed on.
It`s not the cancer in your bones.
It`s not the sunrise choking.
             F         G      Am
It`s not the blood red moon alone.
It`s not the way you look dead.
It`s not the silent season.
It`s not the suffer intense.
             F        G
It`s not the life you feed on.

          F                                G
(It`s the way the night falls into feeling grey)

F             G                 Am
Empire, I was built around your heart.
(Hey!, Hey!)
Let the right one in. 

Play Intro

Verse 2
It`s not the ghost you kill with.
It`s not the yellow eyes you crush.
It`s not your failing senses.
             F      G
It`s not the barrel of this gun.



(For the bridge you can just appregiate the notes on the Am,
or if you like the F or G. Which ever one feels right to you.)
Let the right one in..
Let the right one in..



And that's it guys!! Thanks for checking it out.
Please comment and rate. If you think there is an error
somewhere please let me know and I will do my best to correct my mistake!
Alright guys bye!!! :D
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