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Aimee Mann - Looking For Nothing tab

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Originally 'tabbed' by macka from the Aimee Mann message board. Formatted by myself. 

Am                           F                     C
Macka wants to ride on the mouse and the Tilt-a-Whirl 
Am                       F                     C
Canada’s looking for a smile from a pin-up girl 
   Am                     C
But I ain’t lookin’ for nothin’ 
    G                 D/F# 
To spend the money I made 
Am                  C       G   Gsus 
I ain’t gotta do nothin' today

Am                              F                  C
Everybody’s waitin’ for their thing just to come along 
     Am                          F                    C
They all got somethin’ they can pin all their feelin’s on 


[ Tab from: ]
       F  C                G   Gsus 
I got hi--gh on a Ferris Wheel 
       F   C                  G
Didn’t li--ke how it made me feel 
So alone 
         F                  C
Another cog in the loading zone 

[Instrumental] Am C G D/F#, Am C G Gsus 

Am                             F                       C
Macka went on home when the fireworks and rides were done 
Am                        F                    C
Canada got busted with a girl who was way to young 
   Am                      C
But I wasn’t lookin’ for nothin’ 
      G                  D/F#
Not trouble, money or thrills 
        Am                       C
‘Cause when you’re lookin’ for nothin’ 
G                             D/F#
Babe it’s not the speed that kills 

    F                    C
Oh I’m not lookin’ for nothin’ 
     G                D/F#
To spend my money and go 
F                     C
I’m not lookin’ for nothin’ 
    G             D/F#
To put me in the rodeo 

F C G, F C G D, F C

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