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Aimee Mann - Coming Up Close tab

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Date: Mon, 04 Nov 1996 16:27:18 +0000
Subject: tab for "Coming Up Close" by Aimee Mann

I've done nothing but take from you guys for months and months. So now
I want to give some back. Hope you all like the song, I'm pretty sure
this is correct. Please let me know that you recieved it so my future
transmits aren't a waste of time. Thanks for the invaluable service
you provide. Tim

  [ Part 2: "Attached Text" ]

"Coming Up Close"  by Aimee Mann. Her finest hour IMHO

                                 (transcribed by Tim JB Durham)

Played with capo on fret IV. (Song is in G#). Transcribed as if fourth fret were the nut...
There are three guitars going on this song, an acoustic 6-string, a pedal steel, and an electric 6-string 
well as a piano but if you are all by yourself.....

Intro starts w/ upstroked E, then an E major scale run:

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One night in Iowa, he and I in a borrowed car
went driving in the summer, promises in every star
out in the distance I could hear some people laughing
I felt my heart beat back a weekend's worth of sadness
There was a farmhouse that had long since been deserted
we stopped and carved our hearts into the wooden surface
we thought just for an instant we could see the future
we thought for once we knew what really was important

C     E                 A
H    Coming up close
O     A                                                 E
R     everything sounds like welcome home
U                A
S     Come home
        A                      E
        and oh, by the way
        don't you know that I could make
        F#m                                                     A
        a dream that's barely half-awake come true
        A                 E
        I wanted to say -
        but anything I could have said
        C#m                                           A
        I felt somehow that you already knew

Then it turns around like this:


We got back in the car and listened to a Dylan tape
we drove around the fields until it started getting late
and I went back to my hotel room on the highway
and he just got back in his car and drove away

        Coming up close
        everything sounds like welcome home
        Come home
        and oh, by the way
        don't you know that I could make
        a dream that's barely half-awake come true
        I wanted to say -
        but anything I could have said
        I found somehow that you already knew
        Coming up close
        everything sounds like welcome home
        Come home
        Coming up close
        everything sounds like welcome home
        Come home
        Come on home

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