Aj Rafael - More Than A Title chords

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did this all by ear, hope it doesn't suck **this is an edit from the other one i 
did (which was incomplete)

E    (x2)


Amaj7                           E
I was suppose to be happy today, well it was the night as I expected

Amaj7                           E
I saw you after couple of days, somethings there but it feels like we just left it

Amaj7                              E
Gone to church two times a day and we hung out just like I imagined

Something was missing and I know what it is

There's a hole in my heart can u feel it?

E              Amaj7       G#m7
Will you be my girlfriend, swear I'll treat you right

Amaj7          G#m7          C#m           D
Wanna be there for you everyday and every night

               Amaj7       G#m7
Will you be my girlfriend, I wanna be the one

    F#m7          G#m7             A   
You come to every time that you're down

-intro again-

Talk to you like every night

I'm loving every millisecond of it

Amaj7                       E
I see you almost everyday I hate when we're separated

I tell you you look pretty today

And you reply by saying that I'm stupid

Amaj7                                                    E
I know that you're just showing that you care and you're just afraid to show me



D                                  C#m
And I know it's kinda crazy, but I hope that you can be with me

Amaj7     E            Amaj7      E
To take a chance for a lil bit of romance

Amaj7             E    Amaj7        D       Dsus4    B
And I'll take you on a magic carpet ride...

(Repeat Both Chorus Intercepting each other,
Repeating Heidi's 2nd Chorus with Raf's background vocals 2x)

hope this helped better than the other ones ;)

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