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Aj Roach - Fashionistas tab

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written by A.J. Roach

---Tab transcribed by Eitan Meir Altshuler

You Tube video:

Capo on 7th

(you can try playing Em7 instead of Em and Cadd9 instead of C )

On the banks out by their concrete lake
All the fashionistas shiver
In their short summer dresses and long blonde tresses
C			     D
Well they're all freshly showered messes

And June feels like October
To anyone who's clean and sober
But this last is not our specialty
C			    D
How I wish it's tea that we'd been drinking

G	        D	       G
We.....    civilize.....   ourselves
     D       Em
As a cry for help
	     C          D
Before it's all we have left

  	Em		  C	      G		      D
Now the sun's up but the angels only let it burn so long
	  Em	              C		    G		      D
I've broke all the wings I've borrowed so I stumbled like a stone
	    C			  G
Through the darkness on towards home
To your doorstep all alone


G             D	      G
Oh and we civilize ourselves
      D       Em
As a cry for help....
    C     D     G        D     Em     C     D

And on the banks out by the river
D				G
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