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Akron Family - Ponys O G tab

			     Pony's OG - Akron Family

Tabbed by:JWalker


G|-------6-----6---6------------------------------| x6
(It's the same or at least a very similar picking pattern throughout the song)

  G#                       Cm              A#              C#
I followed you down to the river and I was afraid, I was afraid for my life.

The river came down from the heavens and it took me to the edge of the sky.

In the shadow you gave me a rainbow it filled the space, the space of my mind.

All the riddles that you had told me, they unraveled like a snake in the sun.

Oh the green green of the river it had showed me what would come.

And the lightning it held me, on the tip of my tongue.

I could not believe it the sound it shook me with a whisper and hum.

And love lifted every thing from the ground and into the sun. 
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