Alabama 3 - Last Train To Mashville chords

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Standard Tuning - Capo on the first fret .. chords relative to the capo.

The whole song is pretty much Dm, Am, G, and D or Dm (I can't decide what sounds 
better for the last chord).

           Dm          Am
Oh Lord I dream, of a train
       G            Dm (or D)
the glory bound train

get on board
Am                G          Dm (or D)
the last train to Mashville

it's been awhile
              Am               G
I missed your honky-tonk style
                Dm (or D)
let the bourbon flow
time moves so slowly in suburbia
maybe it's time to go
i got me some medicine, you got your red dress on
steal your mamma's transistor radio
we'll find a frequency
we'll find a frequency's a'listen to

all the country girls go:
"oooh, oooh-o"
"oooh, oooh-o"
"oooh, oooh-o"
"oooh, oooh-o"

Rinse and repeat
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