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Alan Jackson - Blues Man tab

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The Blues Man
G                                         C
Heís just a singer, a natural born guitar ringer
          D                  G
Kind of a clinger to sad old songs
Heís not a walk behinder, heís a new note finder
                 D            C                 D       G
But his names a reminder of a blues man thatís already gone
So he started drinkiní, took some things that messed up his thinkiní
             D                     G
He was sure sinkiní when she came along
He was alone in the spot light, not too much left in sight
                     D                                 G
She changed all that one night when she sang him this songÖ

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G                               Am
Hey baby I love you, Hey baby I need you
              D                        C                        G
Hey baby you ainít got to prove to me youíre some kind of macho man
Youíve wasted so much of your life, runniní through the dark nights
                       D           C       D          G
Let me shine a little love light, down on that blues man.

G                                                              C
He got so sick from speediní, all the things they said he was neediní
                      D                   G
If he was to keep on pleasiní all of his fans
He got cuffed on dirt roads, he got sued over no shows
                 D                  C                       G
She came an took all that old load down off that old blues man

And he sangÖ


G                                   Am
Hey baby I love you too, Hey baby I need you
           D            C                 G
Hey baby I do get tired of this traveliní band
Iím over forty years old now, nights would be cold now
               D                            G
If you hadnít stuck it out with this blues man
Heís over forty years old now, nights would be so cold now
               D                           G
If she hadnít hung around with that blues man.

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