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Alan Jackson - Little Bitty tab

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standard tunning  capital letters - 4 beats
                  small case letters - 2 beats

Timing is 4/4
key of E
 Intro : E play for 9 measures
 Verse : E,E,E,b7,E,E,E,E,b7,E
 Chorus: A,E,b7,E,A,E,E,b7,E ...First Ending : E,E,E,E,E
 Verse : E,E,E,b7,E,E,E,E,b7,E
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 Chorus: A,E,b7,E,A,E,E,b7,E ....Second Ending : A,E,b7,E,A,E,E,b7,E,E,

 Verse : E,E,E,b7,E,E,E,E,b7,E,E*.You just repeat it E,E,E,b7,E,E,E,E,b7,E,E
 Chorus: A,E,b7,E,A,E,E,b7,E  Repeat chorus : A,E,b7,E,A,E,E,b7,E

 Ending: A,E,B7,E,A,E,e,b7,E-just listen to the song for the ending stuming thingie ma bobber
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