Alan Pownall - Heart Of Hearts chords

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I thought this song needed tabbing as its so great, so i gave it a shot.  :)

G                          C            G
Was it the words you could not help but say?

     C            G           D
That made my mind turn in its own special way

         G                           C                G 
We could stick to the point like the things you could be

    C          G           D             G
And I'll do my best not to make it about me

G                       C               G
Don't be down now cos I hate to see you cry

C            G                 D 
Lets write a list of things to do before we die

         G                       C           G
We could plan for the summer, or when we are older

         C            G            D         G
And I'll look in your eyes and not over your shoulder


    C         G       C         G
And I wont pretend, I ever understood

     C        G        D
What ended up doing me good

   C      G     C              G   
If I only knew, where would we start

    C          D        G
I'd know in my heart of hearts

Do you choose the faces that you have around?

Do you wear those big boots to keep your feet on the ground?

There is caution with all the new people you meet

So much one can judge by the company you keep

And how do we make what's outside dissappear?

I'll tell you the things I know you want to hear

Whats mine can be yours, and whats yours can be mine

Must we be serious, all of the time?


Take me apart, like only you can

Tell me it's time to start behaving like a man

And remind me again, if it wasn't for you

I'd never have done the things that i got to do

There is a place I live longing to find

A place where i go all my thoughts will be kind

I am yet to find home where my heart wants to be

But i Inow when I get there you'll be waiting for me


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