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Alanis Morissette - Symptoms chords

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Bm                              G
The missle sent today killed only 3
The rest were saved, they're far enough away 
To not really feel the direct effect on me
They caught him today 
Based ridicuolusly on his race
They weren't sure he even did it 
But they needed a random face

All these symptoms, symptoms of a simpler cause
I've had moments in my life when I've contributed by believing we are
Bm    Gb          D    E
Seperate, we are seperate
        G         Gbm   Bm
Dissconnected in this unity

He won today, smug self-satisfaction on his face
He blew the others out of the water
He said and was glad they were disgraced


He stole what he could
He only had minutes before he'd be caught
He justified every penny taken by blaming the gap between the rich and rich not

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