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Alanis Morissette - 1974 tab

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I have done the hard part for the song, you can play it easy, every tab is correct i 
this is how my band plays the song. We have played over 3000 songs together and have never 
a bad tab. I have many other tabs on the site, or soon to come! Check them out!

key: CC             G  C]
I was born in 1974
      F                 C
on a calm meticulous street
someplace in the sun
oh the air was sweet
     C               G
and enough lights sprang sparks
through the window of the room
        F                   C
not as raw to a ridiculous tune
                 G                 F   C
slightly out of key in the mother hour

F              C
So leave me alone
     F             G
I'm busy breaking bones
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C             G  C
I was born in 1974
        F                C
in a breached feet-first way
my twin opened the door
my very first dose of chivalry
C                G                  C
I was dawned princess potential potent
            F                   C
with gold star and matching impression
big between two doors
                              F          C
small and loved and proud and unthreatened

F              C
So leave me alone
     F             G
I'm busy breaking bones

I bet you were strong
G                          C
when you should have been weak
        F                  C
like a dam that wanted to break
I wish I were the stones
your river learned to roam
in whispering gaze

C                   G                     C
You were told in a kind North Carolinian way
          F                     C
to slow down, back up, or be hated
thank god you did not
and thank god you did
an angel either way

F             C
So leave us alone
        F          G
We're busy being grown

C        G  F    C
November 5, 8:17 PM
G              F
Scorpio and a gem

C     G   F     C
June 1st, 9:39 AM
G                  F  C
Gemini and a lullaby
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