Alex Alspach - Missing You Blues chords

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 F                            E                Dm
Knowing you're gone makes a grown man wanna cry. And since you've gone, I 
     Am                    Dm                         Bm
thought that I would die. I got the blues like no one else. And these 
           Dm                   Dm
memories, fell from the shelf. Heaven, tell me why.
[Chorus] I got nothing now, but these missing you blues. Now I'm nothing 
        Bm                Dm                          E
but a lonely young man. These tears, they won't quit falling. Only love can 
         Bm      Dm
stop my balling.If only I could see you again.
 Em                              E                    Dm
And now I'm sitting here alone, crying over memories that we once known. 
 Bm                                       E           Am
Lord almighty, I got the blues, and I came to you. Someone take away my blues.

  Dm                                      Bm                       
Feeling the teardrops falling nearer, reminds me of the fun we had 
          Am                                                  Dm
together. My heart is broke and now, I'm still alive somehow. Oh, how I 
miss her.

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