Alex Alspach - Lake Superior Dreaming chords

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 G A7 Dm
 G                     A7                                      Dm   
I met you on a dream. We were sitting holding hands, on the shoreline of 
               G                                A7
lake Superior. We were playing in the sand. We were having such a blast, on 
the shoreline of lake Superior.
              Am                                  Fm              Am
[*Refrain] We gazed at each other, walked to the lake of blue. We said to 
each other, "Baby, I love you."
  G                           A7                               Dm
I know my heart will break if that dream were destroyed, of that bright 
sunny day, down at the lake
Am F Am F
 Am                                      Dm           F
In my recent dream, you kissed me, then you said, "Love will you marry me?" 
              A7                                      Dm
What a dream of that day down at the lake, on the shoreline of lake 
            A7                                         Dm    A7   G
Superior, on the shoreline of lake Superior, on the shoreline of la, ah, 
lake Superior.
G Dm G
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