Alex Day - Holding On chords

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C                 Am                  E
A million and one thousand things are screaming in my head
C                   Am                  E
And I canít seem to forget, canít stop thinking about you
        C               Am         E
I could ride across the sky in a bicycle built for two
C                         Am                              E
Could you teach me how to ride, like you taught me how to feel alive?

C                         Am              E
And not a single day goes by when I donít wish for you
   C                 Am                  E
To watch me pause to find the words to steal your heart away
C                   Am                           E
But Iíll play every word back round and round to try and find
  C                 Am                  E
A clue you might have left behind to say you feel the same

    F         C    E Am
And even if I know
     F             C    E Am
Iíll never be your Leo
     C    E       Am
Iíll keep holding on

  C                 Am                   E
A hundred and three thousand ghosts are laughing in my dreams
   C        Am                        E
My eyes are failing me, everywhere I look I see you
        C                Am                E
I could bake a chocolate cake for you with tiers up to the moon
          C                 Am             E
Could you show me how itís done, like you showed me how to fall in love?

C            Am               E
Youíll never see that Iím the one who never left you
          C           Am                E
When you needed me to cry to Ďcos your heart got broke again
        C                 Am          E
So Iíll play until the strings on my guitar give out,
            C               Am                E
And Iíll be aching from the pain of trying to pretend

    C    G         Em F
And even if I know
     C     G          Em F
Iíll never be your Leo
     C    G       C
Iíll keep holding on

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