Alex Day - To Kayley Who Is Sad chords

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[F] ha ha ha [C] haa [F] Your [Bb] card got stolen [F] again 
[Bb] Your country is [F] stupid And [C] so are [Dm] you 
[G] Ha ha ha [C] ha ha [F] haa 

The [Bb] details of your card were stolen from [F] you 
They [Bb] could have stolen your life if they wanted [F] to 
But [Bb] one bargain [F] bucket was [C] almost [Dm] enough 
they [Bb] went to a [F] grocery store [C] and bought some [Dm] stuff
In [Bb] stead of [F] identity [C] theft it was [Dm] like one [G] guy perpetuating 
a [C] stereo [C7] tyyyype 

All together now 
[F] Ha ha ha [C] ha ha [F] haa 
Your [Bb] bank securityís [F] lame It [Bb] must be a [F] zinger
It [C] sucks to be [Dm] you 
[G] Ha ha ha [C] ha ha [F] haa 

In [Bb] England, weíve this thing, itís called chip and [F] pin 
When [Bb] you pay by card you put 4 numbers [F] in
Itís [Bb] just like a[F] signature [C] itís just the [Dm] same 
But [Bb] itís far too [F] easy to [C] write someoneís[Dm] name 
But [Bb] guessing a [F] four digit [C] pin is quite [Dm] hard 
Be [G] cause its not there on the [C] back of your [C7] card YOU MORONS 

[F] Ha ha ha [C] ha ha [F] haa 
Ha [Bb] haa ha ha ha [F] haa I
tís so [Bb] close to [F] Christmas, but [C] you canít buy [Dm] gifts 
[G] Ho ho ho [C] ho ho [F] hoo 

Ho ho you [Dm] know youíre not the subject [F] of our sorrowful story 
Ho [Dm] ho to victimize you over [F] this would be all wrong 
Ho [Dm] ho If we have made you cry this [F] was not our intent 
Ho [Dm] ho our love for [F] youís for this [Bb] indignant argu [C] ment 
[F] Ha ha ha [C] ha ha [F] haa 
This [Bb] wouldnít have happened to [F] you 
if [Bb] you werenít so [F] rubbish and [C] careless to [Dm] boot 
The [Bb] haters will [F] hate and the [C] owls say [Dm] hoot 
Say [Bb] you can't blame [F] us for not [A7] giving a [Dm] ****
[Bb] Ha ha ha [C] ha
[Bb] Ha ha ha [C] ha [F] ha!
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